Depression Busters: Daily Affirmations

love letterAlthough my state of mind has improved greatly I admit that I have been feeling a bit of slippage. Depression is an immobilizing disease and I know that so, to reverse the direction of the downward slide, I’m taking some action that was inspired by a post to the Blog Cataolg forum entitled Only positive thoughts!

Affirmation of the day exercise

Write a single positive affirmation on thirty 3 x 5 index cards. Take one card a day for each day of the month. This card is your affirmation for the day. When you get to the last card start again.

To make this daily affirmation process grow, write out thirty different affirmations for each month of the year. Keep the 360 cards in a recipe box and continually use the collection year after year, adding new affirmations as you need them.

You can, of course, keep these affirmations on your computer if you so choose or, you can use any size of index card you want but, the advantage to using 3 x 5 index cards is that they easily fit into your pocket or purse and are always there when you need a reminder.

Invitation to share your affirmations

I intend to start today by placing my first daily affirmation at the top of my sidebar. I believe that this sharing will help me to become more spiritually connected to my readers. And, it’s my hope that my readers will share their affirmations by submitting them as comments to this post.

Let’s grow a garden of affirmations to inspire us every day and to keep the blues at bay.

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  1. “My life is a burning flame; it flickers at times then rages often enough to release all stagnant molecules. I love everything today, nothing tomorrow, then back to loving all things again. For all this I give thanks.”—gypsychant

  2. Hi :)

    “The only people who deserve honesty are those who can afford to give it back.”

    “It is not necessary to take a single step on taking chances with people if we knew in the first place we can’t reach and meet them half-way.”

  3. Affirmation: “Happiness is the result of increasing acceptance and decreasing expectations, ” Michael J Fox

  4. @Kathy
    If you’d like to come back then please leave your link dropping motivations behind when you do. I removed your opportunistic link and suggest that you do not try this on me again.

  5. @Dan
    If you’d like to come back then please leave your link dropping motivations behind when you do. I removed your opportunistic link and suggest that you do not try this on me again.

  6. This website is Great! I will recommend you to all my friends. I found so much useful things here. Thank you.

  7. Every thing happen for a reason.. When things don’t go as you planned it to be, Be thankful.. something better will come up later. God never gave us a test that we can’t handle.

  8. Ok, I’ll give it a run-through..

    – It is safe for me to be powerful.
    – I don’t have to try to please everyone.
    – Do what you have to do.
    – When the positive dominates the negative, you’ll find a balance.
    – I know that I deserve love, so I’ll embrace it.

    What a wonderful post. :)

  9. Why worry about the end of the world when we at least have 5 mins left.
    Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you’ll end up among the stars
    Every problem is a great opportunity to test ourselfs. why suffer though life, enjoy everything.
    A beating heart is enough to accomplish any goal.

  10. I have about 26 affirmations right now that I have on my Vision Board screensaver. You can upload a picture and a power word and affirmation and it loads as a screensaver and then when you are on the computer it has a pop up affirmation in the task bar…it rotates affirmations so you are always getting affirmations into your consciousness.

    If you want to check out the vision board it’s really a cool thing:

    My most current affirmation that I put on there is this:

    It’s not my job to MAKE something happen….Universal Forces are in place for all of that…All of the Universe is helping me at this very moment.

    The index cards are really key for me. Unless I pack them around I forget the affirmation and fall back into old patterns of thinking. Thanks for commenting and happy blogging to you and your friends. :)

  12. I am grateful for all the many blessings so generously shared with me this day (followed by a list of those blessings, of course – I find listing even the tiniest joy or accomplishment helps keep me going)

    This is a fantastic thread – thank you for sharing it will all of us.

  13. I am focused, the past is in the past, I can not change it. The future is in the future, not much I can do. But the present, the present is at my will, I can bend now into any shape, I can do with this instant anything and worry about the past or the future will be a waste of the most malleable metal known to man. I am focused, I am a blacksmith shaping his work.

  14. I will not allow negativity around me to infiltrate my heart.
    I am brave and strong.
    I am worthy of love from myself and others.

    I love, love, love this idea! Thank you for doing this!

    You are wise and compassionate!

  15. That’s a really good Idea. I’ve heard a couple of ladies discuss how positive affirmations change ones outlook, and creates positive changes.

    The index cards definitely make it easier. But 360! yea right, I’ll probably just print them, and stick them to an index card, maybe 3 affirmations per car, per week =)

  16. here ya go darlin’

    I do this one – twenty time before bed and twenty more when I awake

    Every day in Every Way – I am getting better!

    there is more to it prior and post – but it is a great affirmation as it is non-specific

    Every day and every way… a total affirmation!

  17. @Root
    Thanks for reminding me how important it is to live in the present moment. I needed that reminder and I appreciate it.

  18. Here is my 2c and my personal affirmation.
    *Today, I will in no circumstances think about the past. And nor will I , in an emotional sense – think about the future. I will enjoy the here, the now, the touchable, the immediate.*

  19. “I will be full of divine love such that there will no longer be room within me for fear and negativity.”

    I see that you already have added me to your long list, but I wanted to add mine personally anyway.

    And another:
    Come what may, I accept, embrace, and immerse myself in the flow of being.

    Depression can be healing in its own hibernatory way…love the bits of yourself that maybe aren’t as easy to enjoy. The key to seeing and using depression as a tool for self-discovery and healing is being able to step outside yourself long enough to realize the state of conciousness that you’re moving through. Good on you!

  20. Once a student asked me, “Do you remember what you said to me about my drinking,” I just looked at him because I didn’t remember. He continued, “Thanks, that changed my life.” I couldn’t believe an off-the-cuff remark meant so much.

    Affirmation: As a teacher I have the opportunity to help or hurt someone by what I say. I must approach each conversation with a student as though it is a potential turning point for them.

    Hi Rob,
    Unfortunately you posted your comment to the wrong post but I have now moved it to the correct spot. Thanks for participating. I will include your affirmation on the list.

  21. This is so beautiful. Look at all the people that relate to this and want to be part of it. Including me!

    First off: I was deeply touched by your honest writing here. That alone opens so many doors for people to be themselves.
    This is beautiful heart writing.

    Second: I’ll share something I’ve used at times when someone has hurt me deeply, or my life has fallen apart, or when I simply have nothing left inside, or when I feel empty or scared and can’t see the way out.

    Each person using this will have to adapt it to THEIR God or whatever it is they connect to. But I say this:

    “Let your thoughts be my thoughts. Let your words by my words. Let your actions be my actions.”

    It allows me to let go and trust that something is working through me and guiding me, even when I feel empty.

    Thank you for inspiring me and so many others.
    You are truly a beautiful precious spirit.

  22. @DocNicole
    OOPS! I’ll be more careful with the url’s on the comments I leave on your blog — sorry. I’m glad I received your comment and your affirmation. It’s a good one. Thanks :)

  23. My post today begins with the link to a site I’ve just learned about that might be a help to anyone in grief, despair.

    When I read the comment above about posting affirmations on the bathroom mirror it reminds me that I do this often for my husband. I have a series of happy/positive comments written on stickies that are kept on the lower shelf of the medicine cabinet behind the mirror. I just recycle them rather than wasting paper, then re-do them when they are too worn out.

    The one I seem to put on the mirror most often for him is:

    Everything is going to be OK.

  24. “I have people who care about me, both near and far.”

    Thanks for writing about this. There is a stigma with depression. Focusing on the good in life has to help. I wish my dad — who has an ongoing struggle with severe depression — would be able to do that. But, I can only control my own perceptions (which might be another good one, though it’s not quite an affirmation).

  25. On my bathroom mirror I will be posting…

    I CAN do anything I set my mind to.

    I really believe that we can!

    For some reason when I click on the link to your site from my comments section it never goes through. You might want to double check when you are leaving comments that the URL is properly spelled out…

  26. @Berry
    Thanks for the blog compliment and for the affirmation. I’ll add it to the growing list. :)

    Thanks for submitting this wonderful affirmation. :)

  27. Thank you for sharing this. Writing them on small cards is a great idea as you can bring them with you throughout the day.

    Here’s my affirmation for the day:
    I will make my day remarkable. :)

  28. Hello,
    I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I like it. I want to share an affirmation of mine with you.

    Today I will do what I can to create a loving environment for all those around me, including myself.

  29. @Christopher
    It’s amazing how many people do not realize that depression is caused by an internal chemical imbalance. The stigma attached to admitting one has this disease can only be removed if we out ourselves. I appreciate your support very much. I like your affirmation very much too and have added it to the list. Thanks for participating. :)

  30. To all the other supportive comments, I’d like to add that you’re very brave for sharing the fact that you suffer from depression with others. Here’s another affirmation for you: “My bravery can inspire others.”

  31. Thanks for posting this one. This is an inspiring post that is very easy to follow but takes a lot of courage to maintain everyday.
    Personally, I don’t dwell in depression because I always look at the funny side of everything, no matter how morbid it may be. But I know, I need this daily affirmation to constantly remind me of how beautiful life is.

    So today, I’m going to look the funny side of each event in my life to always make me smile.

  32. Thanks for the supportive comments. It’s great to have some others on board and contributing to this project. I have now added Praning’s affirmation to the list above.

  33. Simply beautiful. Affirmations are so effective, and inspiring! Goodness knows we all need them, and sometimes more than others. I love your use of accompanying imagery on the sidebar as well! (sending positive thoughts your way).

  34. I love your first affirmation in your sidebar! This was a great post in light of my most recent one “Thoughts in a Bottle on the Ocean.” The link at the end goes to a site that is new to me, that is a healing place online. Since I posted it I received a long email from my friend that included these words:

    I am very thankful that you’re always there to comfort my sadness and sorrow. I am thankful that I could write my thoughts here in the net. . .thoughts that I just couldn’t keep to myself. I am hoping that you won’t tire on me. You’re such a big help to me.

    Since this is a new friendship from the blogosphere between a young man whose mother left him when he was 12, I have become a mother figure without ever having had kids of my own! Therefore, my own first affirmation would be “Blogging from the heart can be a positive affirmation for myself and others.”


  35. Thank you all [HUGE HUGS]. I had my fingers crossed and you came through for me.

    I have paraphrased and summarized these on a static page now. If you click the paintbrush image in my sidebar you will find it. And, I’m hopeful that others will continue to help us add more affirmations.

  36. I’m in depression remission as well. That’s how I think of it because depression never goes away.

    I read a blog called PittRehab and he did an interesting post about a similar subject a while back. He’s quadriplegic, and I found his attitude quite refreshing. I’m not good with cards, paper or daily quotes … it works for some but not me. I found his approach to be simple … and on those days I remember to do it I do find it makes a difference.

  37. Being someone who has been coping with Clinical Depression for more years than I care to recall, I’d have to say that this is an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing. Another thing which I’ve been doing for years is a Joy Log. Every day I journal the positive things which happened on a particular day, and complete ignore any negative things which happened. Even on days when I’m on my lowest, there’s still things to write joy about. Like: A roof over my head, I woke Up, My pets, Beautiful sunshiney Day, Food on the table, etc.

  38. @Tech
    I’m glad you found the post inspiring. I’m really hesitant about posting on depression to my blog but I’m hoping I can make that personal breakthrough. It’s wrong for me to feel that I need to keep this disease I suffer from a secret. It’s right to share with others and to take some positive action to start climbing the second after I recognize that I’m slipping. If you come across any affirmations that resonate for you when you are net surfing then please please feel free to share them here. :)

  39. @Shirley
    Thanks for sharing this. It becomes an affirmation by changing it to: “My smile is like sunshine, it brightens the day.”

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