Acai Berry Scammers on FTC Radar

After my blog was repeatedly spammed by acia berry scammers I asked around and found that I knew some folks who had been sucked in by the scammers.  They signed up for a supposed  ‘risk free’ trial and then their credit cards were  illegally billed over and over.  Yes, açaí berry pills are offered through a ponzi style scheme called “negative option” advertising. I became annoyed and did some reaseach that led to me publishing  Fraud Alert! Acai Berry Scam

Well, today I have just read some very good news:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said today, a U.S. district court has ordered the marketers of acai berry supplements and other products to stop an Internet sales scheme that allegedly scammed people out of $30 million or more in 2009 through deceptive advertising and unfair billing practices.  — Read FTC Goes After Acai Berry Internet Marketers

Read also:
Court Orders Internet Marketers of Acai Berry Weight-Loss Pills and “Colon Cleansers” to Stop Deceptive Advertising and Unfair Billing Practices – Ads Feature Phony Endorsements Attributed to Oprah Winfrey, Rachael Ray


  1. I always get those. I usually send them straight to spam. I tried to send a reply once for them to request them to stop sending me those e-mails. Then, they tried to hack into my account. Grrrr. Lol

  2. Hi TT, unless the Email is from a friend or a business I know I never read them although over this side of the pond there was a major scam where I think it was 3.5million people were sent an Email from what they believed to be their bank requiring them to enter all their personal banking info to reactivate their online banking privileges. Now of course this was a complete scam but a lot of people bought it and entered all the info required to clear out their accounts, my Dad got this Email but he was fortunate enough that the bank in question was not the one he does business with so he deleted the Email.

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