Simple Dreams

When it seems that someone has shattered your dreams…pick up even the smallest of pieces and use them to build bigger and better dreams. ~ author unknown

I  woke up from a dream and realized I am living my dream — I am my dream.

I made the choice to realize my dream one day at a time long ago.  Simplifying my life led to leaving life in the city and moving to the islands.  Here I happily remain valuing how precious life is and desiring to life it to the fullest.

Very few people would choose to live this simple life. It’s not an easy life. There is no employer waiting to give you a job. There are no “city amenities” — no big box stores, no franchise fast food joints, no town center, no bumper to bumper traffic, no street lights, etc. — just Nature in all her glory.

I discovered the secret to having more time and energy is eliminating the unfinished business (emotional, spiritual, physical clutter) from my life.

Choosing to live the simple life involves severing attachment to things, clearing clutter from your mind and premises, and  replenishing mindfully. Frugal living is making do with what you have.  Simple living is about  learning how to do more for yourself.  Conscious living is  choosing to have less impact on the planet.

The art of having less but enjoying our lives more, involves a few simple changes in perspective. First, we must understand where our true values lie and focus on them. Then, we must take time to enjoy the simple things, and slow down and see what’s right in front of us. – The Simple Life

I will continue to be richly rewarded for choosing not to live a highly consumptive lifestyle. I will continue to benefit from discovering loving detachment is a skillful means for conscious living.

I am living my dream — I am my dream.

Are you living your dream?

Have your dreams ever been shattered?

Have you picked up the pieces and used them to build better dream?


  1. Well, I can’t say that right now I’m living my ultimate dream. I think that happened when I lived in Vancouver.

    But anyway, my dream right now in terms of living it, is actually my health and just the ability to travel, and see all kinds of stuff. Do stuff that I can do physically. I worked in a hospital for spinal cord injured adults (in my early 20’s for a few yrs.) , people permanently in wheelchairs and no matter how barrier-free we make our facilities, travel routes, there are still some experiences that a wheelchair bound person cannot experience anymore.

    It might partially explain why I cycle around lots: I don’t take my health and mobility for granted.

  2. I enjoy simplicity and nature, and I’d love to start focusing on a new dream… but ever since my husband passed away 4 months ago I’ve been unsure of so much. From the reality of how when and where to go, to the deeper needs of how to bloom again and create new dreams.

    Thank for this reminder that the simple joys are my key to happiness.


    • Dear Sue,
      I’m so sorry for your loss and not at all surprised that you are feeling unsure. What a heartbreaking experience it must be to lose a beloved partner. As you honor your husband celebrating his passing with sweet memories and enjoying the simple things, I pray your balance will return and you will dream a new dream.

      With much love,

  3. Hello TT!

    I think many of us could write a whole book just about our dreams and perceptions of our dreams. Maybe even a few books… such is the dimension of the realm of Dreaming.
    Personally, it is the dreaming that keeps me focused. It is the “The Best is Yet to Be” that keeps me dreaming and never wanting to sotp. We are what we dream, so we better get our dreaming skills right, if I may say so. On the other hand, dreaming should be effortless, natural and blissful. Perhaps some of our dreams are shattered because we put to much effort and expectations on them not realising that anxiety contradicts the natural flow of the universal laws of attraction.
    Everyday I practise dreaming. Everyday I eliminate doubts. Everyday I learn with everything.

    Great post TimeThief.

    Love & Light to you.

  4. A simple life, but surely a very connected one tt? I spent this weekend away in a caravan, no internet, no tv, no smart phones, no connection. No sitting on WP. Isn’t a simple life also an unconnected life? Consumption is something that we can learn to be without, but can we learn to be without Connection? I’d be interested to know what you think?

    • Hi Ray,
      You’re are so right about “noise” and so wise when it comes to engagement. As Susan Cain says in Quiet “The key to maximizing talents is to put yourself into the zone of stimulation that’s right for you.” I’ve become selective about where I invest my time and how much of an emotional investment I make into relationships.

      I’m connected to nature and connected to friends too. I think I have the best of all lifestyles. I love where I live, like who I am and I like what I do. I am connected to the internet via work so I have to be organized in order to have the time to blog. Re: work: I am motivated to complete prior to deadlines because I have experienced becoming ill and missing deadline dates. Re: blogging, I do tend to invest more time into articles for my blogging tips blog than I do on this blog.

      Maintaining a balance is a also a challenge for me as a recovering perfectionist — there are strong connections between perfectionism, procrastination and depression.

      You don’t need special skills to experience the power of dreams and how to build new dreams from pieces of old dreams. As Paulo Coelho said in The Alchemist, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

      Well, properly viewed failure is an opportunity to learn how to succeed the next time you act.

  5. Hi TT,

    The route that I’ve taken toward achieving a simpler life has been less drastic than yours, but I think that we share the recognition of detachment as an important element for achieving our goals. When I engage, it is on my terms and I engage only with those who add texture to my life. There’s a lot of “noise” in the world and it’s easy to be drawn into the fray, which is often a pointless exercise.

    I only know you through your writing, but the things that have struck me while visiting your various sites is that you’ve got to be one of the most organized and thorough people that I’ve ever come across. Your attention to detail in your posts, particularly your teaching posts, evinces a level of focus that many lack. I’ve gone ahead and drawn a correlation between your simple life choices and the professionalism of the work that you produce. Do let me know if I’ve missed the mark.

    I think that we all have experienced shattered dreams on some level. The trick, I think, is to modify or replace the dreams that haven’t worked out and continue to work toward achieving the new ones.

  6. I am the quintessential City Kid so I would be miserable in all that Nature but I applaud your commitment to this simple, elemental lifestyle if it nurtures you physically and spiritually. I would say “Rock on!” but in your case, timeshief, I say: “Ease on.” Blessings & support to you. *smooch*

    • Miss Maura,
      The cause of most unhappiness we experience is between our ears and rooted in attachments and /or aversions to specific outcomes. And the word “dream” has so many meanings and so many layers of meaning. Without doubt one can be living the life they dreamed of living in a city.

      At some point in our adult lives we may take stock and decide what is most important to us. We may acknowledge how very precious life is and if we are self-honest we may uncover have unfulfilled wishes, dreams, goals, and even desires for a changed life. We may even find ourselves content with the life we are leading. Either way the process of slowing down and examining our true values helps us to simpify our lives and bring different aspects of the life we are living into balance.

      • OH YES timethief! At age 61 I discovered I have a flair for color and have happily been painting on paper and t-shirts with various media. I know I inherited that color sense from my mother — who had a different watch strap to match every outfit — but I had no idea it could be expressed so graphically as part of my art therapy after several surgical procedures last year.

        I always liked this quote: “Happiness pursued cannot be caught. And if it were, it would not be happiness.” I agree that happiness is between our ears and cannot be given to us by anyone else.

        Balance, that’s a hard one for me. As a Scorpio I tend to go all out. My therapist calls me More-uh. (Well, it’s how my name is pronounced but She puts the emphasis on More, with “uh” as an afterthought.)

        Thank you your insightful reply. I wish you gentle rains & beautiful rainbows. Hugs backatcha, Miss Maura

        • Hello again,
          It’s so good to hear more from you and of you. We share a love of color and a desire to create with it. But I spend far too much time online and have too little time for crafts. I’m a Leo and I’m enjoying the unexpectedly dry, warm and sunny fall. :)

  7. It is a rare occasion I enjoy the post as much as I have this one. The line; ‘Simple living is about learning how to do more for yourself’, I found especially profound. Because it is the question and the answer; one cannot live ones dream before to first learn how to accept, love and nurture one self. Dreams, and by that I mean our own true dreams, and not those we are thought should be our dreams, only present themselves to us, if and when we free ourselves of fear. To reach our dreams we must be free … not only from the so called ‘corporate world’ but more so from fears and obstacles those close to us and most importantly we imprisoned ourselves with. And to answer your question; no I am not living my dream; I am just stirring the ‘Titanic of Fears’ towards it.

    • Hi Daniela,
      I appreciate your comment so much. Fear of rejection is the fear that others will not accept you for who you are, what you believe, and how you act. In society this mindset helps us to maintain the inner checks and balances within our “selves” that lead us to become capable of forming healthy relationships with other independent equals. But those fears aren’t present when we learn to love ourselves. Paradoxically, when we stop rejecting ourselves can we be truly free to pursue our dreams. You might be interested in reading this post > Set Yourself Free

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