To Do List

I haven’t forgotten my blogs I simply don’t have time to update them. The pain from kidney stones is coming and going. I’m exhausted and bleary eyed. I am preparing for  a decision  re: hospitalization. Cross your fingers for me please.

Here’s my to do list for the week:
Tuesday – travel to big island – dentist
Wednesday – travel to big island – lab tests
Thursday – travel to big island – ultrasound and xrays
Friday – more tests and maybe some results back from the first ones.
Saturday and Sunday – Friends are visiting and I intend to spend quality time with them.

Tuesday update – Two more fillings, one root canal and temporary crown done! On the way home again I saw a cute hat in a shop and my hubby bought it for me.

Wednesday update – Tests, tests and more tests. I’m remaining positively focused re: the results, which are unknown at this time. Hubby and I had a great meal at a tiny hole in the wall type of Lebanese restaurant.

On the upside overall I’m getting lots of time to read in waiting rooms. I just got the 3 volumes of Stieg Larsson’s series yesterday.


  1. Hi Timethief, I’m sorry to hear about all your health challenges, though it sounds like you keep an upbeat attitude and live as carefully/ consciously as you can. Sending good thoughts and blessings your way.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your kind words. This situation is a wake up call for me and for others too. Water is an essential and getting enough is key to maintaining good health.

      Remaining positively focused despite this set back can be partially credited to my dear ones. My attitude is upbeat because I have so much personal support. All summer long I visit with those I love. Many of those I visit with in July and August will not be seen again until next summer, so we make the most of the time we have together.

    • Thanks so much Joanna. I’m not entertaining any fear filled thoughts. They pass through my mind like balloons trailing ribbons while floating through the sky. I don’t grab onto the ribbons I remain grounded in the now moment knowing that dread is a killer of bodies and minds.

  2. I’ve been think of you and wondering how have you been feeling lately since the kidney stones challenge. I hope all the best comes your way and you’ll have the right healing.

    • Thanks. My inconsistency when it comes to blogging is not only due to my busy life. My company whom I want to spend as much time with as possible will be here until just after the long weekend. Then I won’t see them until next summer.

      Add ed to that is the fact that I’m still experiencing kidney stone “attacks” (not sure that’s the correct word or not). Though each one is less painful than the first three I’m wanting this to be over and done. It’s difficult to summon up much energy after the working hours of the day and I’m now spending hours I used invest into blogging into resting instead.

      This too, will pass.

    • Yes. The very last thing I will ever do willingly is reside in a city again. BTW don’t get the impression that we are deprived of emergency and medical services here on the small islands. We aren’t. There are doctors and dentists on island. I’m a special case as mine are off island and my conditions are too complex to consider changing dentists and doctors. In emergencies quite aside from private boat services and water taxi, we have the ferry and coast guard via medical evacuation by water service as well as medical evacuation helicopter service.

  3. Oh No. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you and big good thoughts.. I wish I could help in some way but this is the down side of blogging, GEOGRAPHY. Take good care darling girl.. c

        • On Tuesday night I had another kidney stone episode. I hasten to add the medications were effective. I had pain as before but it wasn’t excruciating pain like I endured previously. Continued episodes and pain lead to worrying. Worry is a useless activity that creeps into my mind and steals the joy in present moment from me, so I try to remain aware of that and refuse to speculate on what the future holds.

          The situation is that I’m on hold until next week when all the test results will be in and my doctor will be home from vacation. Then I will make may decision and if the future holds surgery for me – so be it. I’ll determine to recover from it graciously and quickly.

        • I am sure you will recover with aplomb. Though i am confused that a doctor goes on holiday and you are left in pain, real bad pain, awaiting his return. Does he not have a locum or are you choosing to wait. Worry can be useful if you are able to collect the useful bits and hiff the rest. I hope next week is MONDAY! Or you have every right to get on the phone and tell them to get a wriggle on. It seems to be a pattern in the american medical industry, a considerable time spent waiting between each stage. Letting people wait. However it seems your own care of yourself is working. So this is a very good sign. Keep up the water (I know you are) and eat NO processed food at all until they have this sorted. Take care darling girl.. And give them hell if they even think of putting you back into a holding pattern. You are the boss! c

        • Cecelia,
          No, you misunderstand. I’m not in really bad pain. I have medication and it works. Yes, there’s a locum replacing my doctor but he can’t do anything more for me. The ultrasound results and all the other test results will be in next week.

  4. In the absence of a dislike button i have pressed like. So sorry to hear of this and wishing you lots of luck. I too have just been through a health scare but thankfully am ok. It’s a worrying time for you and i wish you strength. Don’t worry about us – we’re not going anywhere!

    • On one hand I’m sorry to hear about your health scare.On the other it’s so good to hear you are okay. I need all the strength I can get right now and it’s partly derived from using the time I used to devote to blogging to resting.

  5. My hopes and positive healing wishes are with you…. how wonderful it will be when this is all handled and simply a memory, and you’re back to enjoying your wonderful plants,animals, home, friends and own sense of well being…wishing you well and hoping it will be resolved soon…. warmly, kathy

    • Dear Kathy,
      I’m in the midst of my plants, pets and people who love me. I’m doing my best to recover while wrapped up in all that positive energy. This is not over yet but I know it won’t last forever. The candle of hope in my heart burns brightly and I won’t let the flame of positivity burn out.

    • The dentistry has gone remarkably well. I have had some teeth with very old and deteriorating fillings replaced and some had to be crowned. I now have a pain free mouth – Alleulia! I have only a few more appointments for more work to be done and then I will be back on the 3 month checkup schedule again.

    • Hi Sandra,
      This past month I’ve only been able to skim read blogs I follow. When I’m feeling better again I’ll be camping out in your blog and catching up on all the helpful and inspirational information you share in it.

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