Applause Time After Time

The last note was a blue note and silence filled the room for 40 seconds when the sound of applause burst like a bomb. The audience rose to their feet with right arms raised and fists pumping into space. The sight amazed her. The sound was intoxicating – addictive.

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With a racing heart she bowed and backed off the stage but the applause did not end and the shouts of “encore!” rang out over and over again. Someone pushed her gently from behind on to the stage again and as she approached the microphone the crowd grew quiet. She said no words at first but simply hummed and soon the tune and then the words could be heard – Time After Time.

happiness and applause


    • Hi there,
      It’s so nice to see your gravatar here. When I was younger I did a lot of singing and learned not to let the applause “go to my head”. I’ve probably read most of the most popular personal development books published over the last 30 years. So I may have read the one you refer to and if I did then when I go through my journals the quotes I noted there may contain a quote from it somewhere.

  1. […] UPDATE:I have now moved the zero to hero posts. As the exporter had a queue I just copied and pasted them because I’m one day behind as it is. Sadly, I lost the comments by doing that. If you would like to visit the posts are at: Seize the Moment Surrender the Outcome From Ridiculous to Ubiquitous Timeless Topics Applause Time After Time […]

  2. I like it. But on my screen the image is so small, it’s hard to read the text. I don’t know if that’s from my “bug” that the happiness engineers still haven’t worked out, or if that’s the way you posted it.

    • Ahhh… answered my own question. It’s the bug because your image showed up in a larger version after I sent the comment! With the good folk at happiness could get that fixed. It’s getting pretty annoying.

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