Timeless Topics

herbal teaI have created a new category called Timeless topics for visual posts with minimal text like this example: Applause Time After Time. All posts will be aimed to provide inspiration for those, who are focused on self improvement and most will be less than 250 words in length.  Just long enough to read and ponder over a cup of tea or coffee.

The images I will use in timeless topics are all free photographs obtained from multiple sources and prepared using free online image editing programs. The aphorisms and quotes are ones I have collected for years and it’s the growth of that collection that prompted me to create this new category and participate in the Zero to Hero Challenge.

Anyone with internet can subscribe to the RSS feed for a specific WordPress Category such as Timeless topics and read it in a feed reader,  instead of subscribing to RSS feed for all posts and I’d be delighted if you chose to subscribe.

For the backstory you can read this related post Blog Challenges for Blog Improvement.



  1. I am reading posts backwards today, and I have enjoyed both the images you posted and the topics you write about – very supportive for moving into this new year, which for me is about adventure and saying “yes.”

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